The road ahead is so full of options, possibilities, distractions it is difficult to keep focus.
The balance between new featurs and technical improvements is a though one to find.

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Current milestone: Orchestrator Actions

Expand the actions system with cluster-level actions perfomred by the orchestrator.
  • Improve primary and view stores schemas a bit To do
  • Compute a lag value for each non-primary shard that does not report it To do
  • Introduce cluster state checks To do
  • Orchestrator actions To do
  • Add and update documentation To do
  • Update Orchestrator box on homepage to remove the “coming soon” tag To do
  • Build an in-memory view of the cluster In progress
  • Introduce RefreshReports In progress
  • Introduce EventScopes to better represent the “target” of an event In progress
  • Remove CI caches and clean up travis (management overhead is too high) Done
  • Update replidev install steps to cargo install <git> Done
  • Update playgrounds to latest release and add actions examples Done
  • Add a replidev curl -- <arg>... wrapper to call curl with added TLS parameters Done
  • Rename agents crates and binaries to repliagent-$AGENT Done
  • Sync view DB using the events stream only Done
  • Replace uses of problematic terms with inclusive language Done

Future milestones

  • Nodes Provisioning
    Orchestrator actions to create and destroy nodes.
    To do
  • Declarative Clusters
    Bootstrap, scale and reconfigure any supported datastore. All from a YAML file.
    To do
  • The first Dance (playbooks)
    Nodes coordination to perform advanced cluster operations
    Initial focus will be on cluster rolling restarts
    To do
  • Agents Authentication and Authorisation
    Secure agent <-> store communication and limit needed permissions
    To do
  • Core Authentication and Authorisation
    Secure core <-> dependencies communication
    To do
  • Centralised management of datastore roles
    Define roles for people and applications to access all your datastores in one place
    To do
  • Replicante Users, Roles, Teams
    Close the loop with the addition of users, roles and teams to Replicante Core
    To do
  • Support more datastores
    Expand supported datastores with new agents
    To do
  • WebUI iteration
    Iterate over the WebUI to add and improve shown information
    To do
  • And much more …
    So much that it is impossible to list at this time
    To do